After seeing their ads on my Facebook and Instagram feeds for months I decided to try the Master Airscrew Propellers for my DJI Mavic 2. The promise of quieter operation and longer flight time was intriguing – and they also had some cool colors. I read up on them and watched some youtube videos. It seemed if nothing else these props definitely produced a different pitch during flight. It was worth a $22 investment.

Unfortunately when they arrived I received three of one prop type and one of the other. There should be two of each type for flight. I contacted their customer service and they responded very quickly, apologizing and promising to send out a replacement that day. Two days later i received TWO complete sets of new props! One in black and one in orange. That is above and beyond what you would expect.

I have tried out the props a few times now, the pitch is definitely more pleasing to the ear. I am not sure about added flight time as I have not been keeping track of that. So far kudos to the folks at Master Airscrew.